Credit Advice

We can offer advice to help you improve your credit score!

Your low credit score would force you to pay higher rates or keep you from even obtaining home financing. By following our advice, you may improve your credit and save money by cleaning up that history; whether it's erroneously reported or not.

Do not try this on your own!

My experience with credit gives you an “edge” towards improving your credit and prevents you from making common mistakes.  For instance, paying off "this collection" or closing "that account" might NOT be the proper course of action. Be sure to speak with an industry expert before doing anything.  Some of the questions we will answer include:  

  • How exactly does credit reporting work?
  • Where to start and what should you focus on?
  • How long do bankruptcies, foreclosures, judgements and tax liens stay on your report?
  • and much more...

Start here for Credit Report Basics!
  • We will need to acquire a copy of your credit report for analysis.
    To gain instant access to our credit improvement tips, please contact me at any time to apply for your mortgage and review an industry tri-merged report with me, 386-866-1112 or

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